Our Leadership Team

Gil Elyashiv

VP Physical Security

As VP Physical Security, Gil leads of all of our physical security projects globally managing a talented team of security planners, trainers and engineers.

Gil served in the Israel Security Agency for over 20 years and brings with him expertise in threat assessment, risk management and operational planning. In the ISA, Gil directed complex protection operations and managed, trained and audited large security teams. He also managed security operations in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union where he served as the Director of Security for Israeli aviation assets in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Gil retired from the ISA as Head of the Directive Branch which directed, audited and carried out exercises for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Office of the President and other Ministries. He was also responsible for planning and implementing personal protection and physical protection projects at the PMO and other ministries.

Gil enjoys traveling with his family. He played on the Israel national tennis team in his youth, and today he volleys with his son and daughter for fun.