Our Leadership Team

Dan Vesely


Dan led the establishment of Sdema’s cyber security group and our intelligence services, and strategically directs all projects in these arenas. Dan has also been instrumental in developing security vetting solutions to help our clients meet the growing challenges of insider threats.

Under his direction, Sdema launched VIRTUE, an employee integrity test used by HR departments targeted at pre-employment phases. Dan also oversaw the launch of TagIt Security Paper, the unique tool to protect physical aspects of information security.

Before joining Sdema, Dan served in the Israel Security Agency for 30 years in a wide range of operational and management positions. He served as Head of the Vetting Division responsible for security clearance processes for all security agencies and military industries in Israel. He was promoted to Director of the Agency’s HR Department and retired from that position with a rank of Major General.

Dan also served as the Director of Security at Israel’s US Embassy in Washington, DC and coordinated with US Federal security agencies throughout the Wye Plantation and Camp David peace processes.

Dan spends his time out of the office exploring destinations near and far. He hiked the Israel Trail and the Golan trail and has recently trekked through Iceland and Costa Rica.