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TagIt Powered by Sdema

Much of modern security technology is based on the premise that we live in a paperless world. As such, IT security measures have tightened cyber security across the web and on corporate networks, but research shows that the leakage of paper documents has gone unchecked and may be your organization’s greatest vulnerability. Informants and disloyal employees easily pick up, print, copy or download documents and carry them out of even the most heavily defended organizations. Tagit Powered by Sdema employs two methods of safeguarding documents at physical locations: specially designed security paper and coded anti-theft labels for use on portable electronics and printed materials. Both products signal 3D electromagnetic detection systems as they pass, triggering alarms and preventing the documents from being carried off the premises.

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Virtue Integrity Testing

SDEMAVIRTUE is an integrity testing tool designed to vet individuals with the potential of damaging your organization, its assets and its reputation in the pre-employment stage. Its multidisciplinary approach, non-binary format and wide scope, allow us to deliver a world of information to employers that increases effective hires, elevates working teams and cuts costs and time. It is a computer-based survey which is easy to implement and statistically validated. It can be administered from any computer terminal, is inexpensive, and results are immediately delivered to employers. What sets SDEMAVIRTUE apart from other tests in the market is that it was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of expert psychologists, behavioral scientists, vetting professionals and recruiters. To candidates it feels more like a personality screening process than a security tool and its non-confrontational language and nature encourages candor on the part of the test-taker.

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