Intelligence Services

In today's world, the amount of available information seems endless. Sdema Group provides integrated and tailor-made intelligence packages to turn that information into a cohesive story, providing you with comprehensive strategic awareness.

We combine human insight and cutting-edge web intelligence technology that enables us to break the surface of social media networks and forums, and monitor the Deepweb and Darknet - transforming information into intelligence.

A Holistic Approach To Intelligence

We develop highly customized and proactive intelligence programs for our clients that include:

  • Planned incidents, events, campaigns or cyber-attacks against corporations or individuals before they take place
  • Detailed threat assessments including the types of potential adversaries that could cause physical, financial or harm to reputation and brand.
  • Sentiment about a company, product, service or individual that has developed into a trend and has the potential to spark action.
  • Intellectual property (IP) leaks
  • Reputation Management
  • Campaign Management

Our Process





We use advanced web intelligence technology to carry out our information requests. This technology also enables us to reach beneath the layer of social media networks and forums and monitor the Darknet and the Deepweb, places that most of us never access.


This is where the human mind comes in. To transform information into operational intelligence, the raw data has to be analyzed and insights need to be offered.


We deliver operational intelligence and map out potential "next moves" and responses for our clients.

Industries We Serve

Strategic Facilities
Educational Campuses
Stadiums & Sports Facilities
Financial Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Mega Corporations
Heads of State

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