Cyber Security

Our cyber security team is an integral part of our 360° approach, providing innovative services throughout an entire organization.


Organizations in today's business environment innovate and create, changing our world daily. But this valued innovation also affords attackers with new opportunities and platforms to carry out an ever-shifting range of cyber attacks.

Implementing Sdema Group's cyber solutions throughout your entire organization will spark behavioral change and create a new culture of security. This culture, based on your organization's needs, will reach all disciplines and act as a business enabler, protecting your assets and driving overall performance.

Insight into Attackers

Our cyber security group is headed by leaders from Israel's military intelligence and security agencies. They bring to our clients not only expertise and real-time experience defending against cyber threats, but also insight into the minds of would-be attackers and the gaps that they seek to identify and penetrate in existing security programs and systems.

Our 3 step approach





Mapping your organization's assets and the relevant cyber threats that can damage business operations, functional continuity or your reputation and brand is the first step to creating an effective cyber security program. Before deciding on a protection strategy, organizational leaders need to determine what they want to protect and what needs to be protected.

Our cyber team carries out:

  • Integrative Security Surveys (IT, OT, BMS)
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments (physical and digital threats to information)
  • Gap Analyses
  • Regulatory/organizational policy compliance evaluations
  • Assessments of the physical controls on information security


Developing a cyber security program that directly confronts the threats facing your organization with the goal of preventing attacks before they happen is the next step. Our advisory services support the security management in developing a cyber security concept and overseeing its effective implementation organization-wide. We also understand that cyber security involves everyone from HR to communications to third-party service providers and wide participation is what creates culture.

  • Crafting organizational policy and regulations
  • Developing cyber security master plans integrating physical and digital countermeasures
  • Tender drafting and management
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Regulatory compliance escort (ISO 27001, 27799)
  • CISO as a service
  • SOC as a service


Ensuring the robustness of your cyber program demands a streamlined audit and control program. Audits may be demanded by a regulatory body or directed by organizational policy.

  • IT/OT audit services
  • Penetration testing
  • Social engineering testing
  • Organizational cyber security awareness training

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