Sdema Group is an Israeli-based company specializing in homeland security services and solutions. We are security architects offering the highest quality of security concept design, master planning and project management.

We take a 360° approach to secure you from all angles.

With three linked service groups, physical security, cyber security and integrative intelligence, Sdema Group is able to evaluate a range of threats and offer holistic solutions.

Where People, Procedures and Technology Meet

We believe that the key to maximum security effectiveness is the optimal integration of people, procedures and technology. Our experts deliver holistic solutions that include training on all levels, collaboration with client management to develop organizational policy, best practices and market forward security systems.

Leaders in Homeland Security

Our executive management all hail from Israel’s security and military intelligence agencies and provide our partners and clients decades of operational leadership working within the most challenging security environments across the globe.

Industries We Serve

Strategic Facilities
Educational Campuses
Stadiums & Sports Facilities
Financial Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Mega Corporations
Heads of State

Global Impact

Making the world a safer place, one organization at a time

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