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Dan Vesely   is a partner at Sdema and directs our information security & cyber defense, intelligence, and recruitment assessment departments. Under his direction, Sdema launched VIRTUE, an employee integrity test used by human resource departments to filter out candidates with the potential of harming an organization in the pre-employment phase.

Before joining Sdema, Dan served in the Israel Security Agency for 30 years in a wide range of operational and management positions where he developed expertise in recruiting and employee vetting.

Dan served as Head of the Vetting Division responsible for security clearance processes for all security agencies and military industries in Israel. He was promoted to Director of the Agency's HR Department and retired from that position with a rank of Major General.

Dan also served as the Director of Security at Israel's US Embassy in Washington, DC and coordinated with US Federal security agencies throughout the Wye Plantation and Camp David peace processes.

For the first 15 years with the Agency, Dan was an agent and then a commander in the operational unit. He joined the Agency after completing three years in the Israel Air Force.

Dan holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from the Haifa University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.