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Amir Takomi  is our Senior project manager and heads many of our facilities security and aviation projects. Before joining Sdema, he served in the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) for 25 years and garnered expertise in security planning and operations.

Amir was responsible for managing the strategic planning and implementation of security procedures at airports around the world, including terminal and in-flight security. Before retiring from the Shin Bet, Amir held the position of Head of the Foreign Operations Branch where he specialized in all aspects of protecting international trade shows and conferences. He also served as Head of Security at the Consulate General of Israel in New York for four years.

Amir also held myriad management positions in the Dignitary and Official Delegations Protection Unit in Israel and abroad, including operations, audit and control, external relations, human resources, and finance. He was responsible for initiating and maintaining close contact with international security and intelligence agencies, mapping long-term strategy and managing over 100 employees.

Prior to his Shin Bet service, Amir served in the Israel Defense Forces, Elite Paratroopers Unit, for five years.
Amir holds a BA from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv in Organizational Psychology and Sociology. He also completed intensive coursework given by the intelligence community.