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Shlomo Harnoy  is a founding partner and the Executive Vice President of Sdema. With his global expertise in strategic concept design and master security planning, Shlomo supervises all of our niche specialty groups focusing on aviation, mass transit, critical infrastructure, and Head of State protection. In the critical infrastructure arena, Shlomo was selected to head the team responsible for creating and controlling first-time regulations for privately owned CI across the country.

Shlomo retired in 2003 from the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) after more than 25 years of service through all levels of command. His last position was Director of the Dignity and Official Delegations Protection Unit. 

Shlomo initiated, planned and commanded complex, sensitive and multidisciplinary operations in Israel and overseas and cooperated with intelligence and protection communities around the world, including shared learning and information exchanges. He developed a unique specialty in determining comprehensive threat levels, and developed a methodology that is in place in Israel today protecting dignitaries, government headquarters and critical infrastructure.

Shlomo also managed the security of historic landmark events including the signing of peace treaties, international conferences and US Presidential visits to Israel.

During his Agency career, Shlomo served as the head of regional security for Western Europe and Latin America. In these capacities, he managed coordination, monitoring and professional direction for large, complex and sensitive security forces at international sites: aviation and nautical security, protection of diplomatic delegations, emissaries and official delegations, and information security.

Shlomo holds a BA from Tel Aviv University in Middle Eastern Studies and Geography (1989). He is a Graduate of the Shin Bet’s Senior Command-Management Course (1994) and a graduate of Finance for Executives Course (HAMIL) of the Israel Management Center (2003).

Shlomo served as an elite combat soldier in the Golani Brigade (1974-1978) and completed his service in the Israel Defense Forces as a company commander.