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Sdema has its finger on the pulse of both security needs and the developing solutions that will meet them. Working on both ends gives Sdema the added benefit of being able to both identify gaps in the market and fill them.

As the threats facing today’s world constantly change, Sdema remains fluid, rising to meet the challenges of the future via consistent development and growth.

Client Partnership
No matter how successful a security plan may be, it is a failure if it prohibits “business as usual.” At Sdema, extensive client input and an understanding of our clients’ businesses are the axis of our security solutions.

In the world of security, no one can claim 100 percent success. Sdema is not interested in trying to sell infallibility. We perform internal audits to our own security systems, continually upgrading them to root out weakest links.

At Sdema, we are able to drastically cut client costs because we perform our assessment and analysis procedures based on human intelligence gathered at sites and not solely on expensive technologies. In addition, Sdema partnerships with technology firms enhance client access and decrease costs.