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The Sdema Group is an integrated, homeland security solutions partnership
helping to create secure environments around the world for governments and
businesses to thrive.
We specialize in the unique niche of threat-based security concept design and
master planning and carry through with project management, both large and
After more than 40 years of combined experience in the Israel Security Agency,
founders Dror Mor and Shlomo Harnoy, former Director of the Dignitary and
Official Protection Unit, established the Group and garnered a seasoned team
of former Agency officials, leaders in the fields of national security, intelligence,
and counter terrorism. We serve clients in a comprehensive range of HLS
arenas including: aviation and transportation security; facilities security;
critical infrastructure protection, safe city; cyber security; dignitary and elite
executive protection; event security planning and management; loss prevention;
and security training. The goal of the Sdema team is to leverage its extensive
experience and expertise to help make the world a safer place, one organization
at a time.

Integrating Technology with People and Procedures

We believe that the most effective way to confront threats ranging from domestic
crime to the shifting modus operandi of the global terrorist network is to strike
the optimal balance between the three pillars of homeland security—people,
procedures and technology. We see ourselves as security architects and employ
a proven methodology of security planning to design and deliver this critical
We also look at security environments from the perspective of the people they
were created to protect—passengers passing through checkpoints, employees
presenting identification cards, or subway riders rushing to make their trains.
By incorporating planning, design and social sciences elements into physical
security layouts and the flow of procedures, we create improved, user-friendly
security that maximizes effectiveness, passenger ease and ultimately profitability.
Whether you are seeking to ensure the safety and security of millions of
passengers arriving and departing via a major international airport or charged
with the responsibility of securing employees, assets and information at a single
office, our methodology of operational planning pinpoints the relevant threats
facing your organization and ensures that all solutions put into place directly
confront them.