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At Sdema, our goal is to be the leading provider of comprehensive security solutions that integrate the three pillars of Homeland Security—people, procedures, and technology.
By applying our unique five stages of security, we strike the most effective balance between these three components to the advantage of government and commercial clients worldwide.

Balancing the 3 Pillars of Homeland Security

Sdema’s security solutions are based on the notion that the key to improving the effectiveness of homeland security is shifting the existing paradigm to the point where the three pillars of homeland security—technology, people, and procedures—meet. An effective balance has yet to be struck between these components. In today’s market, for example, technology is given significant precedence over the human factor. At Sdema, we know that the benefits of technological tools are unlimited, but only when combined with effectual manpower and used properly. If the market continues to place such prominence on technology without elevating the human factor, the dissonance that exists today will continue to grow and thwart the potential for more effective solutions to the threats that the world faces.