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Sdema’s aviation group is conducting security planning for the Ramon International Airport, being built at Timna. The airport is named for Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon who was killed in the 2003 Colombia Disaster, and his son, Asaf Ramon, who was killed in 2009 while serving in the Israeli Air Force. This marks the first time that our group is working on a Greenfield project where security is an integrated aspect of the overall planning process. We are pleased to be collaborating with Mann Shinar Architects and Planners on the project.

The Sdema Group is an international provider of homeland security solutions and services, specializing in security concept design, master planning and project management. We consider ourselves security architects and deliver creative, threat-based solutions, integrating the key components of security effectiveness—highly trained security employees, advanced security procedures and market-forward technologies.

Our team, leaders in national security, counter-terrorism and intelligence, have worked in the most challenging security environments around the world and put this experience to work for the government and corporate clients we are privileged to serve. On the government side, we serve aviation and mass transit authorities, critical infrastructure, strategic facilities, heads of state, ministries and municipalities. On the corporate side, we serve the widest range of industries including financial, cellular, hospitality, entertainment, education, and retail chains.